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If you came across this webpage on the Internet, most likely you live in the area, where winters are cold enough. So, you consider quality sheepskin boots that will keep you warm. Sheepskin footwear is very different from the regular winter shoes we’ve got used to, and this website is dedicated to providing information on everything you wanted to know about sheepskin boots and other sheepskin products, such as rugs, blankets, seat covers, etc. Again, we do not produce, sell or promote any kind of sheepskin shoes, we just help you obtain all information on sheepskin footwear and certain other sheepskin products.

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TOP Brands That Make Sheepskin Shoes

UGG | EMUKoolaburraBearpawAussie Dogs | LAMO

There are so many brands, that offer sheepskin shoes. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of time checking each of them, here is the list of the leading ones. Note, that we have not included those no-name brands that are made in China or Taiwan. We have listed only the brands, that are known for the quality of their products. Yes, their sheepskin boots may seem somewhat costly. By going with one of these, you are guaranteed to get a great investment.

UGG Sheepskin Shoes

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In many countries, UGG shoes have truly become a synonym of sheepskin shoes due to their popularity. This brand is a real trendsetter in the sheepskin footwear industry. Dozens of other footwear brands keep imitating styles of UGG boots and shoes. The secret of their success is about the blend of function, fashion and the West Coast lifestyle. Today, UGG is not only about sheepskin boots. The inventory now includes slippers, trendy shoes, clogs and more. Many celebs and stars choose their footwear and combine with different outfits. Read more about UGG products and see what’s trending.

UGG sheepskin shoes


EMU Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is another well-known manufacturer of sheepskin boots and shoes. If you own a pair of genuine Australian shoes by EMU, you definitely wear them with pride. The manufacturing facility of EMU Australia is in the heart of this country’s sheepskin producing region. This allows for quick access to the materials and workers, who know, how to turn sheepskin into those quality and trendy footwear. EMU Australia offers sheepskin boots, shoes, and slippers. Read more about EMU Australia products and maybe you will find your perfect sheepskin shoes!

EMU Australia



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Koolaburra is one of the leaders of the sheepskin shoe industry. Their assortment has got plenty of fashion sheepskin shoes along with plenty of other footwear, including slippers, elegant high heels, trendy boots, and sheepskin shoes. This is not just a manufacturer of average shoes, as every pair of Koolaburra footwear is elegant, comfy and features striking design elements. Check out the footwear selection designed and made by Koolaburra and see, what’s available for you!




★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is one of the most popular manufacturers of the sheepskin shoe industry. Bearpaw assortment includes sheepskin shoes and boots for activities and any lifestyle. Sheepskin footwear collection by this brand includes comfy shoes for everyday wear, all-weather and high-fashion boots, comfy slippers and plenty of casual shoes. If you are fond of active sports, check out Bearpaw sheepskin shoes to enjoy your hobby in full. Read more about Bearpaw products and see, what sheepskin footwear they offer.


Aussie Dogs

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This sheepskin footwear brand offers boots and shoes for any activity you are fond of. If you are looking for trendy, quality and comfortable sheepskin shoes for everyday wear, consider Aussie Dogs selection. They offer shoes and boots that breathe, perfectly cope with moisture, cold or humid weather. Footwear by Aussie Dogs lasts long, performs great and feels natural when you walk, run or just enjoy your time next to the fire.

Aussie Dogs



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Throughout the past few years, LAMO has become one of those well-known sheepskin footwear manufacturers. Within this time, they naturally entered the market of quality natural footwear for a true lifestyle. The manufacturing facility uses sheepskin and merino wool from Australia. This guarantees the quality of the products by LAMO and supreme comfort. Check out information about LAMO sheepskin footwear and consider attractive, comfortable and trendy shoes and boots for your everyday activities!

lamo sheepskin footwear

Why select sheepskin footwear?

It’s fair to say, that classic materials always stand out from the artificial ones in terms of comfort, quality and time of service. If you are looking for boots that will be durable, lightweight and warm, look into the sheepskin boot selection on the market. There are so many color and design options, so you will definitely find ones that will meet your needs and expectations. If you are looking for trendy footwear that will match as many clothes as possible, consider footwear by UGG. This brand offers many shoes and boots made of genuine sheepskin for men, women, and kids. We have been wearing boots by this brand for years by ourselves and can say a lot about them from our own experience.

So, here are 5 good reasons to consider sheepskin boots

  • Moisture. Sheepskin boots protect your feet from moisture. It is important when talking about the cold moisture of winter, the humidity of the midseason and sweat that can accumulate when it’s getting hotter. Due to its nature, sheepskin wicks moisture away from shoes and keeps your feet dry and comfy regardless of the weather. This answers the question, why some people wear sheepskin slippers or shoes when it’s hot. No synthetic material will keep your feet as comfy as sheepskin shoes.
  • Durability. You will hardly find the material, that will be as elastic, strong and durable as sheepskin. Shoes made of this material last extremely long even if abused. If you are selecting the boots that will last for several seasons in the rugged conditions, consider the ones made of sheepskin. This is what makes such boots sound like a good investment, rather than another trendy thing you are about to buy. Just think, that you are buying somewhat expensive footwear, that will last much longer, than footwear made of any other material.
  • Popularity. If you are looking for something that is widely recognized and worn by stars and celebrities, consider UGG sheepskin shoes. This brand is widely recognized in the world and is selected by many. If you will be looking for outfit ideas that will look awesome with your new UGG boots, you can always check Instagram for that matter. You will be surprised, how many options you have to look at trendy!
  • All-season wear. If you grab a pair of UGG boots, this doesn’t mean you are getting footwear for winter only. You can perfectly match them with your shorts and get a great outfit for cool summer nights. UGG sheepskin footwear will keep moisture away from your feet, which makes it comfy for different weather conditions. Be sure, your feet will be kept odorless and aired.
  • Multi-style boots. If you are looking for footwear that will match your casual jeans, skirt, and dress, consider UGG boots. Today, they have truly become footwear that looks right with almost anything you can wear.

Sheepskin story: what makes this material that popular?

History of sheepskin as the material for footwear and clothes has started millennia ago. Sheepskin helped people in wintry climates to keep warm, and those, who live in warmer conditions, could enjoy comfy warmth when worn or shod in sheepskin. It is also known as fleece, and is a material that is nowadays used in clothes production. This way, you will find socks and gloves, shoes and clippers, coats and hats made of this material. Though, footwear is truly the most popular application for sheepskin, as people value comfort, style and durability of sheepskin shoes, slippers and boots.

Australian Sheepskin: Origins

Hundreds of years ago, European colonists came to Australia along with their sheep. The rural landscape of Australia is perfect for sheep, plus the weather is constantly mild. This helps Australian landscape to cover with grass, which is exactly what sheep need. The early settlers put all possessions in use, so population of Australian sheep has quickly grown. Sheep were used as lucrative crop, as a source of food, clothing and for trading purposes. This helped Australia keep its dominance in the sheepskin industry for many years.

It is said, that Australia rides on the sheep’s back’, and we know, that it is really so. In 1991, the number of sheep in Australia was equal to 170 million. In the last decades, it has somewhat declined, and by 2010 is around 80 million. Still, Australia remains one of the largest sheepskin exporters in the world, along with New Zealand. As of 2019, Australia exports sheepskin to 52 countries of the world. Besides, many businesses from China, India Germany, France, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic do business directly with Australian suppliers. Geelong is known as the wool capital of Australia. EMU, one of the leading sheepskin shoes manufacturer, controls all processes from Geelong.

Australian Merino

85% of Australian sheep are Australian Merino breed. The key features of Australian Merino are:

  • large size;
  • heavy fleeces;
  • outstanding wool quality;
  • the breed has adapted to Australian countryside.

Sheepskin boots

Sheepskin & Fashion

As of 2002, sheepskin products became extremely popular around the globe. Fashion industries started adding up their collections with sheepskin footwear and accessories. Since then, countless styles of sheepskin products started appearing on the market. This way, sheepskin made its way to ski areas, beach resorts, and ultimately ended up as the mainstream in the industry of fashion.

When this happened, the consumers got a chance to obtain products, that are the best of both worlds. Sheepskin stuff is pleasant to wear, and it became trendy and started being considered fashionable. When this happened, little sheepskin boots marketed by UGG Australia, EMU and certain other brands opened the sheepskin products as an alternative to the traditional shoes to people of all fashion senses and ages. Now, sheepskin is the material with unlimited possibilities.

How to select your perfect sheepskin boots?

Just a few notes for our princesses when choosing their boots, so that you get a pair that perfectly fits your delicate foot. Remember sheepskin is a natural material and will stretch, therefore do not choose a size that is too large for you. If you are between sizes, go down a size rather than up, as we don’t want our princesses trampsing round in oversized boots! Because each of sheepskin boots is normally cut from a different piece of sheepskin, and just as all of our princesses are beautiful and unique, so too are our sheep. Therefore colours may vary slightly between the pair of boots you bought and those that your friend bought. We believe this is the beauty of sheepskin, each one is individual and stunning.

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Sheepskin. Shearling. Fleece. Wool

If you compare Australia with the United States in terms of history and boots, you will truly understand, that Australian sheepskin boots are much like cowboy boots in the US. It is more, than just shoes, as it is a tradition, history, heritage. So, Aussie ranchers started making boots they wear from Merino sheep skin, as soon as they realized, how comfortable this footwear is. As of 1820s and up, Australian wool becomes extremely valued as high-quality product, which makes wool and things made of it the primary export products.

We strongly believe, that the Merino sheepskin is the most perfect natural material to make footwear of. It is durable, soft, lightweight and keeps feet comfy. The sheepskin boots have got rich suede texture outside, while gentle fleece lining is inside. This combination makes sheepskin boots cozy and durable.

After all, what makes sheepskin so special?

Even though sheepskin boots are made for outdoor wear, they still feel and look like gigantic socks that slip around your feet. There are certain characteristics of the Merino sheepskin that make this material special:

  • snug fit;
  • comfy texture;
  • soft yet durable material;
  • foot-molding feature.

It’s fair to say, that fleece lining is a unique material, that can be worn at all times of the year. One will feel comfy wearing this kind of footwear in winter and in summer. Fleece is known to supply feet with an insulating layer of warmth. It traps in body heat and keeps feet warm when the weather is cold. On the other hand, sheepskin works fine for hot weather as well. The natural fibres of fleece keep feet cool when pulling perspiration away from feet skin. Thus, the material allows for easy air circulation, which keeps moisture away, so feet feel dry and comfortable.

Overall, sheepskin is natural thermostatic, so footwear made of it can be worn between -30 F and as high as your thermometer can go! As for the chemical features, sheepskin contains lanolin, that moisturizes feet skin when such footwear barefoot. It is normal to wear sheepskin footwear without socks in Australia, US, and many other countries.

Sheepskin and Fashion

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